About Me

Andrei S.


I'm an aspiring software engineer currently studying Computer Science at the University of Warwick. Evidently, I'm currently in the UK, and have been here for over 7 years, but I grew up in Estonia. Below, I provide just two of my character features that are special, which should serve as an indication for my overall character, at least in my mind.

Curiously, I passionately value aesthetics — in any task, project, or environment that I have control over, I strive to make it look just as well as it functions. Specifically, my tastes lean towards minimalism with a preference for pastel colours, which is evident in my design projects, my custom Emacs theme, and this website.

Further, I value the appearance of writing (LaTeX) and of code, which is largely defined by its layout or structure. Hence, I have always prioritised figuring out and conforming with coding (and academic) standards, especially because it also serves a functional purpose of simplifying traversal and readability.

In terms of career endeavours, I'm not looking to build an empire or conversely toil away in a single well-paying position. At least currently, I really want to explore a large variety of software fields, from tech giants (eg. Google, Apple), to visual effects (eg. Weta), to logistics systems (eg. transportation, airports), etc. There is something appealing in getting to know the processes behind a lot of companies at the forefront of some technology.

I guess it's somewhat naive to think that I'll be able to cover that many bases, since each one will take years just to learn the working environment, or at least that's what I imagine... In any case, any dream – however unrealistic – will serve as the driving force for my ambitions, which will surely result in fulfillment?